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  • Highly Targeted Display Advertising
  • Cutting Edge Design Team Providing Custom Creative Development
  • Sequential and Dynamic Ad Delivery
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Dedicated Consultant for Continuous ROI Optimization

Serve targeted ads to valuable prospects!

On average 98% of website visitors will navigate away from a site without converting. A conversion can be as simple as subscribing to an online newsletter or as complex as booking a vacation. That “98%” is traffic that you have spent time and money on to attract to your site. They are extremely valuable prospects that have already shown interest in your product or service. So how do you reach back out to them once they leave your site? That’s where GoMotion comes in. Using advanced technology, we are able to display your custom ads to these prospects as they browse their favorite sites. The ads they see are not pop ups; they are banner advertisements that display on the webpage they are visiting. However, instead of seeing an arbitrary ad, they will see a targeted ad created specifically for them.

You invest valuable time and money building your brand and getting your name in front of consumers. By the time visitors arrive to your website, they already have a perception of your business. If they leave without converting, the effort and cost of attracting them to your site is lost - but not if you Retarget. GoMotion systematically serves your targeted ads to preserve a relationship with your visitors. When these visitors who have already been to your site see your name, logo, product or service, they will recognize it and respond. As the familiarity and branding of your company develops, the probability of a conversion soars.